Frequently Asked Questions


How soon will I notice a difference in my symptoms?

  • The amount of sessions needed vary with each disease process. Most people start to notice some improvement within the first 5 sessions.

How many sessions will I need in total?

  • The standard recommendation for stroke and brain injury is 40-80 sessions. This is what has been studied the most in the research literature. Other health issues may take less time.




















Will my insurance cover this treatment?

  • Unfortunately, no. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is only covered by insurance if treatment is done within the hospital setting.


Are there any side effects?

  • The most common complaint is ears popping, similar to going up in an airplane.


What will I feel when I'm in the chamber?

  • Aside from the initial re-pressurizing of your ears, you won't really feel any other sensation.


What can I do during treatment?

  • You can sleep, read a book, play games on your phone, check your email...anything that you might normally do while lying on the couch. Except eating and drinking. 



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